WAAS 60th Anniversary General Assembly

For the 60th Anniversary of the World Academy of Art and Science, the Youth Leadership Network participates with the organization of three panels that focus on how the youth can cooperate with other Civil Society groups and promote the birth of a global network of youth leaders.

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UNOG-WAAS International Conference

YLN partnered with the United Nations Office of Geneva and the World Academy of Art and Science in studying and finding new ways to boost the capacity of civil society and youth organizations to enter effectively the decision-making processes.

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Youth Leaders-21

The panel “Youth Leaders-21” addressed the need to mobilize youth networks and social movements to better connect with international institutions such as the United Nations. On the basis of today’s necessity to create a greater, united voice for civil society and to foster youth participation in decision making processes, the discussion revolved around some of the difficulties that youth groups face when they develop regionally with suggestions on how to overcome obstacles.

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UNOG & WAAS E-Conference

As the organization in charge of the “Youth Strategies in XXI Century”, YLN reunited the leaders of youth movements and young officials of the UN for an integrated discussion to shape concrete youth strategies for shaping a common and sustainable vision for the future of humanity.

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Global Youth Leaders Online Workshop

100 young leaders from every corner of the world were gathered by YLN and the World Academy of Art and Science to discuss the main challenges affecting humanity today and the role of youth in finding solutions to them.

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